Cheap Disposable Electronic Cig Deals

You can find disposable electronic cigs just about anywhere that you go these days.  They are on the counter of your local liquor store, in the bathrooms of your favorite bar, and in every cigar shop.  Hence it is not hard to find them.

The more important thing is to talk about where to find cheap disposable electronic cig deals so that you can save your money buying disposable e cigs.  The general price for a disposable electronic cig that last around 500 puffs is around $9.99.  In some places you can find them for more because they are marked up in certain scarce places like a club where you have no other choice but to pay the price if you want to smoke.

So the key to getting disposable electronic cigs for cheap is to buy more than one at a time.  You already you need them down the road.  So buy them in volume.

Most stores will over a coupon code or discount when you buy in quantities of five and above.  Buying in bulk is the best deal that you can get on disposable e cigs.

How Disposable Electronic Cigs Work?

I am going to explain how disposable electronic cigs work.  A disposable electronic cig has two main components: the lithium battery and the nicotine cartomizer which contains nicotine solution and a heating element.

Between the battery and the cartomizer is an electronic sense that senses when you puff onto the electronic cig and activate the light on the one end of the electronic cigs and activates the heating element on the other to vaporize the nicotine solution into a water vapor.

As you draw on the electronic cig, the more water vapor (smoke) it generates.  As you inhale the smoke like water vapor from disposable electronic cigs, you begin to get high off of nicotine.  The water vapor is the means by which nicotine is delivered to your body when you use disposable e cigs.

When the nicotine solutions runs out or when the battery runs out, whichever happens first the usefulness of any disposable electronic cigs stops and you need to buy a new one.

So there you have it.  An explanation of how disposable electronic cigs work.